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 "We enjoyed the play very much.  I am not a “history buff” and I have to admit I haven’t given a lot of thought about Lincoln’s life but you made it “real” for me and brought that period of time vividly to me.  I thought your performance was excellent.  I was thoroughly impressed.
... Darryl Israel, IT Professional and Small Business Owner, Atlanta Georgia

“Dick Freeman has a strong stage presence. His performance as John Hay was convincing, and touching. I learned a number of things I'd never known before about Lincoln; one thing concerns the death of his son and how he handled it. Dick is an expressive and clear speaker.” 
... Dody Kerstetter, Corry United Methodist Church, Corry Pennyslvania

"I love history and enjoyed your performance - it is me that should be thanking you! I suspect you are a harder judge on yourself than your audience is.  I thought your performance was great.   I liked your idea of setting your performance on the night of Lincoln's assassination.   I don’t recall if you mentioned it in your performance, but if not it is an interesting footnote that Lincoln declined to attend a ceremony at Fort Sumter on the same night that he was assassinated.  I can already see a sequel to your performance - John Hay's recollection of the days following Lincoln's assassination.
... Chris Norris, New American Citizen, Atlanta Georgia

"Your presentation was excellent in a number of areas. The content was broad and interesting; I think the venue lent itself to a good learning atmosphere. The audience was very appreciative and engaged; your “look” was authentic and gestures and movement much improved. I listened from the back which is where all can be observed with candor—the gimlet eye for cracks and weaknesses.
... Bill Potter, Curator, Circa History Guild, Alpharetta Georgia

"You did an excellent job last night.   The performance was great.  You brought John Hay to life, but better than that you brought Lincoln to life and even better than that, you brought Jesus to life again and again on that stage.  The question and answer was excellent!  I loved that questions were handed out that most people would not think to ask or are afraid to ask (was that Shari's idea?) and you answered them perfectly.  Bloody lovely job.
... Sue Howarth, Office Manager, Johns Creek Georgia

“Enjoyed your presentation at our church during our international missions conference.  Being a history buff myself, it’s always exciting to see it brought to life.  I highly recommend you continue with this calling wherever and whenever possible!” 
... Calvin Kerstetter, Corry United Methodist Church, Corry Pennsylvania

"As a theatre trained actress, when attending a theatrical production, particularly classical or historical pieces, it is essential for me to not only be entertained, but to be drawn into the subject's world; otherwise boredom can set in rather quickly. Dick Freeman's love and knowledge of all things Lincoln, fully engages the listener as they watch him portray the character of John Hay. As he recounts the life and times of Abraham Lincoln, one is moved to want to know much more than the "Emancipation Proclamation" tells us about this legend. Richard's performance and adept knowledge will ignite any student's curiosity - young or old."
... Lisa Arrindell Anderson, Actress, Johns Creek Georgia

“The students enjoyed your presentation and especially remembered the facts surrounding burning of Atlanta. They enjoyed your pictures and your stories of intriguing characters like General Hood and his leadership skills. Your presentation was a great blend of visuals, battle strategies, character sketches, and chronological events. I would love for you to come back next year!"
... Suzanne Lewis, Middle School Teacher, Horizon Christian Academy, Alpharetta Georgia

"Dick Freeman - as John Hay - did a great job of talking about Abraham Lincoln's life and times. I learned things about President Lincoln that was never taught in all of my years of history classes! Mr. Freeman, being dressed in period attire added tremendously to the overall presentation. It set the stage for the timeframe to a class of about 40 elementary school children. They were a tough audience posing many questions which Mr. Freeman answered without missing a beat. It was
quite obvious that Dick knows a lot about the history, life and times of Abraham Lincoln. I'd highly recommend this presentation for school systems or anyone wishing to learn more about our 16th President"
... Evonne Boyle, Roswell Georgia

"My children always love Mr. Freeman speaking to my classroom. He is very knowledgeable about Abraham Lincoln. They love the pictures and props - especially the period clothes! They are always very attentive during the presentation and always clamor for my Lincoln books after his presentations!"
... Lynda Owen, Teacher, Gwinnett County Georgia

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